Samantha Nazzaro

Graphic + Web + Photography

Designing engaging graphics with purpose that will drive results


After several years of experience working in graphic design, website design and photography, I have developed a strategic approach that is imaginative, yet logical. My knowledge of basic design principles, such as symmetry, color theory and typography, helps me to create visual masterpieces. By staying on top of the latest design trends, I am able to find creative solutions for bringing a client’s vision to life – both in illustrations and photographs.

In working for myself and as a member of a cross-functional team, I have mastered the art of communication while working under pressure to meet strict deadlines and budgets. Every day is a chance to challenge myself and think outside of the box, but I maintain a results-oriented and focused approach to ensure complete client satisfaction. 

From concept to final production, whether digital design or print, I work to create beautiful works of art that support my clients’ individual business goals and help them stand out from the competition.



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Graphic Design

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